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This is for you, Gender-Bender fans of ALL YU-GI-OH series. Gender-Bender of ANY characters and pairings are fine. If you like this please join us!


:bulletred: We're free to join so please just click the "join" button on the top. Thanks! ^^


What is Gender-bender?
Gender-bender is switching the gender of a character (or anything that has a gender :P ).
That means originally it is a girl, you protrait it as a boy. If it is a boy, you protrait it to be a girl then. Just simply change its gender to the opposite side.
And gender-bender IS NOT cross-dressing. For example, Malik is a boy, you draw him in a sexy lovely kitty maid custom, but he's still a boy. A boy wearing female custom. This is cross-dressing.
Gender-bender is that physically "he" becomes a girl too. "He" should has all female features including boobs, hips, etc. "He" becomes "she", "she" becomes "he". Get that?
If you think that this is horrible, creepy, gross, non-sense, insane or whatever, please leave. I'm sorry for you that stepping inside our group accidentally. Best wishes to you still :heart:

Art Submission
:bulletgreen: Gender-Bender art please. ANY characters from the YGO series (including Duel Monsters, GX, 5D's) are accepted.
:bulletgreen: You can submit art with any shippings, as long as there is Gender-Bender implied (at least one character, or two or both or all of them!).
:bulletgreen: Make sure that you put your art into the right folder. If your art cross over between the series, put them into the "5DX" folder.

Do & Don'ts
:bulletgreen: Be respectful, don't be a hater. If you don't like Gender-Bender or this and that pairings or Gender-Bender of whoever blahblahblah... then just LEAVE THESE ALONE. Go and find something that is lovable and enjoyable to you, your life will be much more meaningful.
:bulletgreen: Don't submit too many art within one day...(I think three pieces for each artist is pretty enough) No one want his / her message boxes flooding right?
:bulletgreen: Don't be afraid to :+fav: or comment. All artists need appreciation and critics to progress!
:bulletgreen: DON'T STEAL ART nor we'll report it and CURSE THE THIEVES TO DEATH.

OK... I think that's pretty much enough... please feel free to ask if you have questions ^^ Thanks for your attention! Enjoy! :heart:


:bulletred: Banner credits to talented :iconwidzilla:. We all love you :heart:


Sorry about taking so long to accept your deviations! I've started school again and its just been so hectic. I haven't really had time to get on dA but Kisumi and I are doing our best to keep the group running and active. Also guys I'm not sure about what were going to do about the contest but for now I guess it'll be open until either Kisumi or I say otherwise! Please enter you guys, it cant be a contest if only one person enters. If you guys need more info on the contest please go here…! Also to make the accepting process (for lack of a better phrase xD) easier for everyone please submit your deviations in the right folders! I've noticed that some have just been putting them in the Duel Monsters folder even though they may belong in a different one. In reality I should have rejected them because they aren't going into the right folders but Ill let it slide and fix it myself, but from now on please put it in the right folder or we'll have to reject them and you'll have to resubmit it and that just wastes everyone's time. Thanks you guys for being awesome and a part of our group! If you have any questions dont hesitate to comment on this journal, send a note or comment on the front page. I've just realized I use 'you guys' alot xD

~ilylynx <3
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are you gonna add arc-v and zexal folders
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(Also sorry for the late reply.)
Thanks for accepting my FemYusei
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I think there needs to be a Zexal folder now, cause I've been seeing a fair bit of gender bending of the Zexal characters lately :)
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